Piet Devos

writer and literary theorist


Research on the senses

Centre for Sensory Studies, Montreal (Canada)

The Centre for Sensory Studies is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform for research in the social life and history of the senses, perceptual practice, multisensory aesthetics, and the development of sensory technologies.



Blog of the English philosopher Mark Paterson, a leading specialist in the field of haptics (i.e. touch).


The Sound Studies Lab, Copenhagen (Denmark)

The lab invites scholars and artists to do research on the sonic sensory aspects of individual lives and in heterogenuous societies, cultures and historical eras. The lab operates in mobile, experiential and field-based research environments.


On blindness and other dis/abilities

Blind Spot

Blog of Hannah Thompson, a Reader in French at Royal Holloway (University of London), who is particularly interested in blindness and how the sighted and partially sighted and the blind and partially blind relate to each other.


Vues intérieures

Cinéphile, lectrice, curieuse de nature et de culture en général, Sabine Gadrat-Cellou s'intéresse depuis très longtemps aux personnages aveugles et déficients visuels dans les films et les romans.


Ryan Knighton

Ryan Knighton is a Canadian writer and journalist who frequently publishes stories on his own blindness. His writings are marked by a sharp sense of humour and irony.


Art and literature

David Stevens

David Stevens is a Dutch art photographer. The most beautiful pictures in the Biography section of this website are the products of David's way of looking.


EAM - European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies

The European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM) devotes itself to the study of the avant-garde and modernism in Europe within a global setting, throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.